Thursday, January 22, 2009

old poem

I shall become even more undignified than this

I write ugly

Casting pearls before swine

Terrorizing the clean lines with scrawls of pathetic expressions

It’s not Brave

Bravery is the tattoo I wear, mostly hidden from sight

It’s not Peace

Peace is the power of a newborn baby’s even breath as it lies across my chest

I’m not Safe

Safety is being able to control tears

Sometimes in the day and always at night I don't think I can keep on pretending


The porch, the car, the drive,

It has burnt to the butt of once was, and is now

A hole in the pack

I Miss

Everyone and everything…

Pastor Brian’s silliness, Laughter at church, the sound of the praise band,


The past

You are MEAN!

Jonet’s preaching again

I prophecy Fear

Fear is Nothing


The kids

Meijer at 2 am

Our God is soooo good

“We must live beautifully”

Life goes on

No matter where you go or who you are with

Time is the enemy and your best friend.

Dance in the living room

Dance in the rain

My Hips Sure Lie

Live out Loud

Playing Cranium

Fall in holes

Capture the flag

I Lost

Something you took for granted

Thinking it would always be there

Standing up for what is right


The quiet

The noise

The clacking of computer keys

Pretend to be asleep because you don’t know what to say

The silent tears fall across the room,


Make the break

Run in your cap and gown on Graduation Day.


A real life scare-dee cat.

Writing what is important

What is right

What is all or nothing

May His name be blessed and magnified


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