Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night at Hope College!

Rachel, Alayna, Me, Rebecca, & Aftan

Tonight some friends and I went to a local ice rink to skate. we tried to do this last week, but unfortunately the website had the wrong times posted, we ended up getting free passes which we used tonight. I had NEVER been ice skating, and am quite a klutz (last year, broken foot, year before sprained ankle, every year prior twisted ankles, stitches, bruises etc)

Here we are going round the rink!

Here I am! look no hands! (in pink hat, from my wonderful Aunt's care package of winter supplies) with Rachel spotting me in case i took a tumble... guess what blog world... I DIDN"T FALL ONCE!
Becca had skated before but it had been a while and she was just about as nervous as I was. Luckily, Aftan is a patient and kind teacher!

This is from our Meijer Run (aka, grocery shopping for poor college students) I could not pass up getting a pic of my Montana friend Aftan. You can take the girl out of Montana, but you can't take the Montana out of the girl!

And now, I will drink tea and cuddle up with some reading for my Theology class, in my new cozy PJs, also from my aunt's care package (Thanks Aunt Coleen!)

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BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! Looks like so much fun!!!!

LOVE your slide show at the top and your wordles turned out great!