Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tulog na...

I am learning to be grateful for the down times as well as the up times, because well, it seems i can never get more than a week at a time "up"

today was a down day...

  • i was sleepy and forgot to do an assignment that was due in my 8:00 class.

  • i was sleepy and did not get my participation points

  • i was sleepy and had a meeting with my advisor

  • i was sleepy and was not patient with the kids at work :(

  • Lunch and dinner were yucky


  • I got a lot of opportunities to pray

  • I carved out some time to play the piano :)

  • Jonet sang one of our old songs together from back in the day when we led worship at church

In the "down" times i get to remember with both joy and sorrow. I get to reach out to God and others. I am reminded of what it means to be broken and not get it right, and most of all I have the chance to reconnect with The One who gives life.

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