Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How are you?

As the good book says, "love is patient..." I now know why.

It has been a year of being patient through the struggles, a year of sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting, not knowing what to do or say and a year of understanding, speaking, praying, calling, knowing

knowing. knowing. knowing.

Knowing that even though I don't know -- I do. Hopefully that makes sense to my readers. It seems to be the only way to put it. it is the essence of Alam mo ny an: "You know already", trust yourself, be yourself, encourage others, love, love completely, fully engaged, passionately, non-judging and pure. be patient,

patient, patient. patient

We are all like little children who need patience, a smile, a touch, understanding. There is that little girl or boy that God created still lingering in the deepest part of us, that cries out in comfort, or is brutally silenced by oppression. We have all seen the inquisitive look in a child's eyes, and likewise the crushed spirit of a child who is abused or neglected by society.

Where is that little boy or girl in you?
How is S/he doing?

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