Saturday, March 08, 2008

Those who say sunshine brings happiness... have never danced in the rain!

For those of you from my old blog on yahoo 360, welcome. I may move some of the posts here when i have time.

I am realizing how important it really is to learn to dance in the rain. I see how many people do it everyday. how wounded we all are.
I have been looking at and understanding things differently lately. becoming more in tune with creation and the Creator. I feel so filled i could burst yet so empty i could implode. tremulously blessed and blessed tremulously. yeah tremulously not tremendously. i am shaking. So filled with the power of Yahweh, it's scary!
There are no guarantees and nothing stays the same, but the journey... the journey we take alone and how we journey together is what makes the difference. I believe that there are times when those who are strong falter, and those that are weak rise up. there are times when we must "fall apart" but one can never completely sever the connection with another life, another creation of the Living God. "you can no longer separate one life from another as you can separate the breeze from the wind." Even if for a time it seems like the relationship is crumbling at the foundations. even if the entire structure crumbles,the land where the building lasted has been changed and will forever bear the marks of it's foundation....

Thank God for babies...

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