Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
Today I am thankful for:

1. Brittany (my roommate) not leaving me alone in the house today.
2. Time to work hard on my project
3. Great blogs to read written by good people
4. Thoughts
5. Baby picture screensavers
6. Diminishing plague
7. Memories
8. The promise of a future with good things
9. understanding
10. my God

1 comment:

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hi, Courtney Kay!

Welcome to "Ten Things Tuesday"! I'm so glad to you found your way to XBOX Wife. I always like to ask people how they found it ~ the blogging community still amazes me!

You have a great list! Good luck with all your school projects, etc.

Hope you'll visit again. Have a blessed week!