Friday, November 07, 2008


This was in my email box today I got quite a chuckle out of it despite the seriousness of the Norovirus outbreak at my college.

CAMPUSMAIL DISTRIBUTION (From Student Development)

The college is NOT being quarantined...students are encouraged to REMAIN calm.

Please stay on campus as the CDC and the State of Michigan do not want the virus spreading to other communities.

All gatherings of students are strongly discouraged. Any violations of this directive are considered a violation of state law and college policy.

The Holland Police Department or campus safety will immediately disperse any large gatherings of students including parties off campus.

Residents of residential halls are encouraged to keep their doors closed.

Students are discouraged from leaving campus. This will help to decrease the spread of the norovirus to family, friends and in your community.

Social distancing is strongly encouraged.

NOT quarantined, yet we have been told that we must stay in our rooms and keep the doors closed. I am so grateful i live in a College owned cottage and have a full kitchen, living room, etc. and am not trapped in a tiny 12 by 12 room like so many of those on campus.

We have an outbreak of norovirus 140 cases have been reported but i am sure there is a lot more. So far i am not sick. Pray for me!

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kay said...

Haha, that e-mail is funny.

But how crazy... no large gathers, don't leave campus, yikes! I would be freaking out a little, too.