Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was Kyle's funeral... A life taken too soon... I was going to write an eloquent blog, but my creativity has taken a vacation so...

Here is a list of 24 thoughts and "quotes" I had/heard this weekend in memory of the 24 years he shared this earth with us:

1. "It's not Fair" (sheila's mom)
2. "They are so lucky to have you" (Amy Curtis) you don't know how lucky I am to have them (me)
3. "I heard she was having some trouble, I have been praying for her" (E prying for info about J) "She is working through stuff, we appreciate your prayers" (me)
4. "Are you going to the cemetery?" "yes, Sir" "Are you family mam?" "yes, mam" (yes, i called the funeral guy "mam" AHH how horrifying!)
5. "It's so sad, this is not how it is supposed to be" (Rachel in my car talking about how parents are supposed to go first)
6. "you're such a loser" (Julia to me, of course)
7. "I can't believe I missed this, I missed that"
8. "I love you" "I love you" "I love you""I love you""I love you""I love you"
9. "is your name Courtney maKay" (greekbutt for the hundreth time joking about my name after i told him many times what it was) "Alam mo ny an" (me)
10. "you are so brave, Dawn" (some guy)
11. "He was so talented" (friend)
12. "You are dismissed" (funeral guy)
13. "I will never let you hurt like this again"
14. "whoa" (Rachel when i slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting the car in front of me in the precession)
15. "I heard she had some trouble" (Elsie trying to pry for information about J)
16. Maraming Salamat po Diyos
17. "Kyle was pure sweetness and light, he was everything anyone would want their boy to be"
18. "oh, don't worry, we have some diet dr. pepper stashed away"
19. I'm sorry
20. "thank-you for singing" (j) "no, thank-YOU, you made it through, I love you" (me)
21. I smell like a bar and my family is pretty broken and messed up, but i love them... i need them... and i am part of them...
22. "It made me so sad to see aunt debby crying" (kayla) "i know sweetie, it's hard to see people you love in pain" (me)
23. "She is over there, and Grandma is over by that pine, and that heart is mom, and the baby is over there by the upsidedown vase between the two trees there" (aunt pat, pointing out family members graves)
24. "goodbye Kyle" (me as i touched his shoulder paying my final respects)

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