Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not spend this day off from school because of the plague watching tv and hanging out with my roomies instead of studying.

i did not dance around the house to HSM songs all evening, NOT ME!

I did not secretly wish the plague upon my professor so i would not have to attend class on Thursday

I did not receive an email from the college about being a hand washing police officer asking that I stop people from leaving the bathroom without washing their hands and to make sure people sing the happy birthday song while they scrub.

I did not eat m&ms for breakfast

I am so glad that i did not do all these things today!

1 comment:

kay said...

I totally heard on the radio that your school was closed... I wasn't sure if it was your school but I remembered you mentioning the plague in your blog. I was so jealous that you got the day off!