Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me monday.... STELLAN STYLE

Not Me Monday is usually hosted by MckMama however with baby Stellan still in SVT at Children's Hospital the Cline Family have taken over posting the Mr. Linky.

I did not sleep with my cell phone and turn off my block on nighttime updates so that I could be up to speed on Stellan from MckMama's tweets all week.

I did not make a fool of myself asking the Dean of the Chapel to pose with Stellan's name, so he could go to college.

I did not spend hours reading other's tweets about Stellan, praying over MckMama's blog after reading it, nor was I late to class one day because I had to read the updates!

I do not have people on campus asking me how Stellan is doing

I do not mention to everyone when they ask "how are you" that "I am ok, but my friend's baby is really sick..."

I do not whisper Stellan's name in a quite quick prayer all day long

I am not going to be late to class, because I had to finish this post!

1 comment:

kay said...

Praying for Stellan right along with you.