Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have been thinking for a while on how exactly to blog this, The past few weeks have been good, but trying. I am drained, yet have kept up my spirits. I have been doing brave things, not everyday, like I am supposed to but I am getting better. During this time of *minor* stress there have been a couple of things that have really helped.

Walking Frally: Frally is my former RD's (Resident Director) dog. She is spunky and full of energy, she is still a puppy so is naughty, but doesn't care. She makes me smile and getting out in the cold, and sunshine helps me to think and unwind. I can walk off-campus and not be a college student for a little while. I can think about decicians I need to make outside, where I can't get emotional about them. I get to see JKK, who is such an inspiration to me.

LJ Sundays with J: Studying at Lemonjellos (LJs), a fair-trade local coffee shop, is good. Sipping a Chai Tea and listening to music, surrounded by people studying and conversing is good. It is almost holy, in a sense, it is community, which is what we are supposed to be as humankind. And J pretty much rocks, she is so strong and yet allows herself to be open, she listens well, and i have learned a lot from her.

Refocusing: Refocusing my attention on the task at hand has become easier. I am not dwelling on my thoughts and letting them overtake my mind. I am able remind myself when I get stuck in the "worst case senario" frame of mind, that the "what-ifs" are only ok , if a soultion is found quickly. I don't let the wheels keep turning for no reason as much anymore. And I am begining to trust more in myself that if the "worst case senario" happens, I am perfectly capable of figuring out the soultion when and if it happens.

Dancing: We dance in my cottage. It is good. If you drive/walk by at night you might see us. Please don't make fun of us if you do.

"Dancing is the perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire."
~Author Unknown
"Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health - it rusts your spirit and your hips." ~Adabella Radici

Overall I have been more adventurous, trying new Chai Tea drinks, going to the SAC movies, listening, paying attention to the little things, connecting, pondering on a new level. I am realizing what it means to be a child of Hope and what "Growing World Christians in the Soil of Hope" means. I am getting old. Please pray for me.

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

It is good that you are finding healthy ways to release your stress. I remember those days well! Thinking of you.
Hey, be glad you are hanging at LJ and not JP's, or you would have run into my "pee monster" - hee!hee!