Saturday, September 10, 2011

rub a dub dub

3 monkey's in the tub! 

Now that they are getting sturdier, I attempted to bathe them all at once. I have bathed infant twins together before, and 3-4 siblings together before, but this was a first for me to do triplets in the big tub together. It was great! they are so much happier to not be left in the baby jail while I bathe them one at a time and they are able to play longer as I am not switching out babies. 

The tips and tricks:
  1. I gather diapers, powder, lotion and clothes and pile them up in the bathroom.
  2. I lay a towel on the bath rug 
  3. Run the water and put one baby bath sponge thingy for Diva to sit on and put the Bumbos in the bath (don't hate, I know that they are not approved bath seats but the boys need a bit more support, I only have one bath sponge thing, and the Bumbos can't really float away  or tip due to the small amount of water I use and the fact that the tub is full of babies.I am never more than 2 inches from the tub.
  4. All the babies get in and splash while i scrub
  5. I pull the plug, take Diva out first as she is loose in the tub and lay her on the towel, throw a diaper on and lotion her up and dress, flowed by W.W and then Monkey, as WW is very wiggly and can get out of the bumbo with some effort and Monkey is content to sit still. 
  6. I herd the crawlers out of the bathroom and carry Monkey back to baby jail so I can clean up. 
Way less stressful than having 2 of them scream while I bathe them one at a time! 

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