Friday, March 12, 2010

22 things for 22 years...

As my 22nd year ushers in here are 22 of the many remembrances of the year:
  1. Florida trip over spring break
  2. Disney World on my 21st B-day
  3. Stellan getting sick and then healed
  4. Fantastic summer at ARCLC
  5. Spending time with my girls at the water park
  6. several fantastic weekend long baby sitting jobs
  7. Trail riding with Aunt Jodee, Savanna and Randee
  8. Making it "up north" to the Rose City house
  9. Michigan's Adventure with Randee in the freezing cold!
  10. Statistics class :(
  11. Dance class with Brittany and Rachel (TRAIN)
  12. Meeting Jane Elliott
  13. Saying goodbye to Stefan and Kayleigh
  14. Fun day at the park and pool
  15. Julia Graduates
  16. my JD on TV and Seeing My fav. Actress on stage again (laura)
  17. An amazing Fall as the Kuzma's Nanny
  18. African Children's choir
  19. Finding Ellie again and seeing pics of her at age 6
  20. Meeting baby Tryg
  21. Assisting at 2 home births AMAZING
  22. Chicago Trip and welcoming back some of my Friends who studied abroad last semester
What will 22 hold...

1 comment:

debi9kids said...

so many highs and a few lows... but over-all... looks like a fascinating 22 years :)