Friday, August 26, 2011

Truth is...

  1. It is move in weekend at my Alma Mater 
  2. I am glad to be done, but miss my community
  3. I should not have looked at my college scrap book because it still makes me sad.
  4. looking at the college scrapbook, caused me to look at the Guatemala scrapbook which caused me to look at the Isabella scrapbook, which made me sad.
  5. I miss my college
  6. I miss "my" daughter
  7. My job is kinda stinky, but it will get better
  8. Some days my dreams feel so close and real
  9. some days they feel impossible
  10. I know God is always there but I am having a blind time
  11. I have really awesome friends and mentors
  12. I am far away from most of them
  13. I got a graduation gift last week that made me go home and cry
  14. I am really tired
  15. things are always better in the morning
  16. My Gabe is going to be one soon
  17. I need to make some phone calls i have been putting off
  18. loan repayment starts soon
  19. I don't know where I will be come June
  20. I am trying to remember that I didn't know where I would be this time last year.
  21. I wish I would have tried harder in spanish class and ASL class
  22. my camera died and I am very lost without it

...this is what is on my mind.

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