Thursday, January 30, 2014

Psalm 121

In bible study we are encouraged to rewrite each psalm we cover in Stepping Up, by Beth Moore. It reminds me of the Touched By an Angel Episode: the 151st Psalm. 

Psalm 121

Even when my heart breaks, fear overwhelms me, and the sidewalk I run is slick with ice and snow. I look to you-- you hold me, cover me, and are the yak traxs on my feet. 

When babies flip and navel chiefs call and my world turns upside-down; you place wisdom in my mind, laughter in my heart and open my eyes to how much love I'm surrounded by. 

You make me brave. 

We stay up late together and you sing me to sleep. I know you keep guard through the darkness of night. 

You know where I am, you know where I'm going (it's better then I can begin to imagine!) and you are there now and forevermore. 


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Kathy McRae said...

I love it! beautifully written!