Monday, December 31, 2012


What a wild ride this year has been!


Witnessing 23 babies enter the world (and co-catching 2!). Being a small part of something so big is beyond words.

Learned how to keep my cool in stressful situations, call EMS, and navigate a NICU admission.

Filmed an episode for a potential reality series. Bombed my post birth interview.

Many adventures with the roomies, family, and friends.

Had my first 3 postpartum doula jobs.

Joined a new church, attended bible study, and stepped up to a microphone again to worship.

Delved deeper into the birth community and made lots of new friends and grew my village.

Took 3 mini trips to west Michigan.

Read lots of great books, lit candles, took bubble baths, naps, and focused on self-care

Attempted to write my 3rd novel, wrote 3 poems, danced.

Got back in the saddle :)


J said...

Yay!! And happy to say I was a traveling companion on some of those adventures!

Jill said...

I love your blog Courtney. I love being a minuion with you :)