Saturday, September 15, 2012

What life looks like these days...

I am feeling extra blessed today after a couple hours of sleep. This week was crazy busy! 

I filled in for a friend with one of her postpartum doula clients. (click for definition of postpartum doula "Boss" is a sweet little boy with amazing facial expressions! I enjoyed hanging out with him in the wee hours of the morning.

We had a few births recently, 3 beautiful baby girls and 3 strong and amazing mamas. I am still reeling and writing birth stories in my private journal. 

Along with the new life, came a  final goodbyes this side of heaven as my cousins lost a grandmother. Please keep them in your prayers, she was a wonderful woman.  

Daycare has been good, It had been nice having a small number of babies each day, I am able to do more things with them and enjoy the day a bit more I am greatful for my  amazing and supportive coworkers who helped out this week with the birth craziness. 

Another highlight was witnessing one of "my" babies' amazing healing after her open heart surgery as we played this morning. She is crawling and pulling up, laughing and being a stinker. You would never know she had surgery  2 weeks ago. 

Soaking it all up today, and praising God for it all. 

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Katie said...

Thanks for the update! It is so good to hear that things are going well with all your baby "business." They are all so lucky to have you!