Sunday, July 03, 2011

On being a “grown up”…


I can feel myself aging in thought and deed. In the words I say and the places I go. In the way I view the world and in the way I treat people. Things that used to be annoying, are no longer, different things are important to me. I am counting breaths. Breathing deeply. Praying harder. Dreaming bigger… and those dreams are not so scary or far away anymore. I can almost taste them, reach my hand out and grasp them…


Become a doula (by age 24)

Write another novel in the style of NANOWRIMO in November.

Visit my friends in the locations they are living (within the next 5 years)

Become a midwife by 28

Open up an office on 8th street in Holland

Live in a beach house on the shores of Lake Michigan (where I can wake up in the morning and drink my OJ on the sand!)

Travel often to serve orphans

Be a mama (adoption, birth and foster)

Laugh daily, live intentionally, love deeply


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