Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holland on my mind…

I really enjoyed spending time in Holland the last week. On Sunday I visited with friends in Holland and spent some time on the chilly shores of Lake Michigan. I could watch the waves crash upon the sand for hours. The cool sand between my toes is a blissful tactile experience and it is in the rush of the tide I find my shalom.

I spent this afternoon with the two littlest listmaker’s , as well as a quick visit with the T man.

Middle G is too funny! He always cracks me up with the way his little mind works


AND my littlest G is sitting up like a big boy now! He absolutely amazes me and has the best belly laugh! I ended the day at the biggest G’s T-Ball game. It was very entertaining and the weather was beautiful!


I love visiting Holland but it makes me long for the future, full of Holland Summers

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