Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I stink at updating the blog lately, but besides work and school I have not had too much to blog about.

This school year is going alright. My classes are pretty low key and I am working a lot so the bank account is happy (in between payments of bills of course). I am babysitting like mad too, so there is a lot of baby love in my life.

I am trying not to be too apprehensive about the future and trying not to get anxious about having everything planned out. I am taking it as it comes and hopefully will be employed in a field I fit into soon.

I am still mourning over losing “my” baby, Isabella as well as for the 14 other children in Guate who are returning to their families. I think about the Fundoninos kids a lot.

Hope is not doing a trip to Guate this year so I am trying to figure out if and when I can return there.

People have been asking what I want to do after graduation in a few short months… I am not sure… I think I would like to be working for a non-profit with children as well as begin training for doula certification so I can have a more active role in labor support. I would love to be bale to move into a place of my own or with a roommate. I love my family, but I long to be real grown-up.

I am looking forward to the Fall Michigan Midwife Association conference in a couple of weeks, and am very relieved to have the cash set aside for it. I am really hoping to do better this year at being more outgoing and comfortable there, since I have an idea of how it works this time. I am so grateful for the relationships with birth workers I have begun to develop.

This weekend is Fall Break and I will be headed back home for a couple of days… I am hoping to catch at least on birth cause the bug is biting hard!

I am doing alright… but please keep me in your prayers as I navigate the turbulent waters of senior year.

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