Sunday, February 07, 2010

Baby Picture Sunday

This week's theme:
My Reason to Breathe is You

Well some of my MANY reasons...

Elianna... enough said (to read her story click here)

My Teachers' babies
It is life changing to know people before and after they become mothers

When I hold them... I feel the holiness of God... Holding the image of God in my arms...

The sister... her siblings... their story and the ones who came before... (my temporary babies)

The kids I am blessed to spend time with, both from my hometown and here in Holland through babysitting or daycare... Each little life, each moment, each day

The babies I have watched come into this world... (Much gratitude to my Midwife/Doula friends an amazing circle of women!)

“All women are not mothers, but all women are called to mother… to nurture, to train, to educate, to rear. As daughters of eve, all women are uniquely gifted to help others in their lives become more of who they truly are – to encourage, to nurture, and mother them toward their true selves” ~Captivating

I am not a mommy, but someday I will be, whether I am blessed to give birth or not, My reason to breathe is this hope and this preparation for loving my own, by loving those who are not my own like crazy... I can only imagine how intense the love for my own will be...


mommytoalot said...

Beautiful post!!
Lovely photos

debi9kids said...

OMGoodness! This was such a sweet, sweet post with beautiful pictures.
Thanks so much for playing this week.