Friday, November 13, 2009


Baby Trygve David Johnson Jr.

What I was born to do

He is so goofy!

I am in love! Kristen Johnson emailed me to babysit with Little Trygve. He is the Dean of the Chapel (dad) and a professor's (mom) 3 month old. It was awesome! Big Tryg game me a hug when I left and said his usual "Peace be with you" He is the kind of guy who looks into your soul with his eyes, a compassionate and amazing couple of people this baby is blessed to have as parents. I can't believe out of everyone at Hope who would love to get their hands on this baby, I was called! I have a new swing dance partner, as he is a gassy and reflux baby so I lindy-hopped the bubbles out!

Brittany's rainbow cake Brittany turned 21 this week so Jamie and I made her a "Rainbow Cake"

Ready to go out to Applebees for some beverages

Over all this week was crazy busy:

Sick toddlers, exams, quizzes, papers, reading, group meetings, counseling center appointment, chiropractor appointment, birthday parties, late nights,early mornings, stress, but ended with joy and blissful exhaustion, good friends and lovely babies...

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