Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not put the kids I was babysitting to bed an hour early, just for my sanity

I would never forget to put detergent in the laundry, realize it as I was putting it in the dryer, do a smell test and dry it, fold it and put it away without rewashing with detergent to save $3, not me

I would never keep a secret from someone in order to surprise them... not me!

I did not purchase a Baby Wrap carrier... although I do not currently possess any babies, just because I can't wait to carry my babies around in one.


Anonymous said...

I have never put the kids I'm babysitting to bed an hour early either. And most certainly not because there was something I wanted to watch on TV that wouldn't be appropriate for little eyes and ears...

Linze Kate said...

I have NEVER done that with my laundry.... NEVER. :)