Saturday, April 18, 2009


Haven't had much to blog about/ time to blog lately. I have been reading blogs, just not writing too much. It is crunch time. one more week of classes then I am a baby sitting and exam taking fiend!

Next weekend I will have twins and a 4 year old from Saturday-Tuesday! Then it will be exam week and packing. the following weekend is a weekend with a 5 month-old and a nearly 3 year-old! I am really excited! I love doing overnights because I get to play mommy and wake up early to make breakfast and plan activities.

Yesterday and today were fabulous. At work we had the kids out for 3 hours total during the day in the grass and sunshine. Today was earth day jam in the Pine Grove, laying in the sun on blankets with friends and homework. Then a quick stop in town for Coldstone!

Summer is coming, I can taste it!

Pleas keep remembering the MckFamily!


Krissy said...

I too can 'taste' summer. its so close!! I just wish I had your energy n enthusiasm for waking up early and such. Do you have a secret or is that just you? :)

Jason and Vanessa said...

How fun!