Sunday, November 30, 2014


Because of my line of work, I often compare life to the world I'm immersed in, midwifery.  So bare with me. 

I feel like I've spent the past year in endless transition. Rapid changes, the unknown, Contractions close together, piggybacking, intense, puking, trapped. I've seen that look in many of the mama's faces. They are no longer in their minds, their bodies have taken over. One foot in front of the other, wake up, go through the motions, keep the plates spinning, don't let them break. 

Im living in this juxtaposition though, because although transition is hard, I see such magic in it, transition means a baby will come soon. My mamas are strong, brave, have such Primal beauty. (Yes, because although it is hard there is such beauty). It's that beauty that throws me off. 

This year was hard. Really really hard. I'm looking for the beauty. Because I know at the end of all this it's time to push. 

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Katie said...

Thanks for sharing and keeping it real! We pray for you often and will continue to pray for you as you wait for all the good that is to come!