Thursday, November 22, 2012


After a recent adjustment my chiropractor said, "now you can get on with things now that your head is back on straight" he didn't know how right on he was. This has been a crazy couple I weeks and I am finally starting to feel myself getting back on track in all areas of my life.

In an effort to find myself again I am taking this long weekend to do only things that make me happy and nothing else. I am giving myself permission to treat myself nicely, to say yes to things I wouldn't normally say yes to and permission to say no.

This has gotten me thinking of what truly makes me happy, here is a snippet of the list I have created for those times I need to take a moment for some self-care.

Belting out a tune, signing a song, re-reading a favorite book, birth, writing, painting, dancing badly, sitting with friends, good conversation, chai lattes, riding, bubble baths, watch a tear jerker, napping in the sunshine, walking in the woods, newborn snuggles, belly laughing, hugs, photography...

Do me a favor... Remind me to do something from this list if I start to lose myself, pray for me, and love me even when I do.