Friday, September 19, 2008

thoughts on a friday night...

Sometimes i surprise myself... I am not the bravest, patientest, or most loving person, in fact i am far from it... but sometimes there are moments when bravery, Patience, and love show themselves in tiny microscopic drops.

God has been so good to me lately, despite how undeserving i am of His grace. He has kept me safe, secure, and given me such joy these last couple of weeks at Hope. I can feel His love for me as i walk through the pine grove to class, as i drive to work and hold babies, as i struggle through assignments. When I lay my head down at night He gives me peace. And I am truly grateful.

I have been talking to more people, making an effort to be a "Child of Hope". I am blessed and privileged to be here and i need to make the most of each day here, whether i bomb a test or get spit-up on at the daycare. I need to not take some things so seriously (play vocation pictionary) because God has my life in his hands and will never leave me, and I need to take some things more seriously because God means business.

Life is a gift, love is not an option...


and especially