Friday, April 10, 2015

Dear younger me...

Dear Younger Me, 

Life will lead you on paths you could never ever imagine. God has a sense of humor and a plan bigger then yours. 

Those babies you love will grow up, but your arms will never be empty. 

You will hold and rock babies across the globe. 

Some You will watch grow, get married, have babies of their own 

some you will hold for only a moment, but believe me that moment matters 

You'll never believe this! you will witness many babies take their first breaths, you will be the one to find tiny heartbeats, your hands will be the first to touch. 

Don't take things so seriously, laugh, be silly, 

Be creative and adventurous 

Dance, even on those clumsy feet. 

Some days you will win, some you will lose 

Be brave! 

Be proud! 

Those days you played teacher taught you how to be a leader. You will want to follow, but occasionally take a leadership role, it's good for you. I promise. 

Never ever ever stop singing! You will lead worship, sing in a band, sing in the car...

You will play many roles, some for fun (high school musicals!), some out of necessity, you can do hard and beautiful things. 

Practice your nap taking skills, you will need them

You will always be allergic to hay, don't let it stop you from being at the barn.

Always keep that sweet 4th grader inside you. She's smart and kind and strong. 

Your adventure is just beginning. 


Older you.