Saturday, December 31, 2011


Whoa… that pretty much sums up this year.


It has been a whirlwind. January of 2011 I was in total panic mode. I entered my last semester of college and needed a plan. I was taking a couple challenging courses and was concerned about passing them. (I took a few really fun classes too!) I had to figure out what came next. Where would I work? Where would I live?

Needless to say, I graduated, found a place to work, and signed a lease on an apartment. I discovered new places and explored my new city. I worked two different jobs and met new people. I missed my friends that are now all spread from coast to coast and all over the world. I missed my community at Hope… yet I have stayed connected and will continue to hold tight to our ever evolving relationships as we figure out this grown-up stuff.

Comically, (sort of) I am beginning 2012 in the same boat. Where will I work? Where will I live? As I pack up my life once more and move across the state. This time feels different though. I will be doing something I love and I have experience starting over. the boat is still a bit wobbly though as it leaves the shore. This sailor hates not knowing what lies ahead. I long for BIG changes and fear both those changes and the idea that a year from now nothing will have changed.

Now for the year in review:


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In this time of Advent, I play one of my favorite Christmas songs and think of all the babies that have changed everything in my life;

The foster babies

(Ciara, Cordelia, Devontae, Kiara, Alyah, Kuran, Brandon)

 The 7

The hundreds of children I have held from daycare and babysitting

Guatemala babies


Miracle babies 

The babies that never made it earthside

I think of the babies of the future that will pass from my hands into their mother's as they take their first breath

I think of the babies that will someday be mine, the ones I will carry in my womb and in my heart

I think of that baby, born in a stable, wrapped in cloths, whose birth was attended by the angels.

I am reminded, that my God knows exactly what makes me tick, how to get my attention, how to teach me, how to remind me I am loved. 

A baby changes everything...