Saturday, June 07, 2008


I know what it means to be whole, I know what it feels like to be encompassed in that glorious feeling of wholeness if only for a moment. I know that what i feel is not real wholeness though. I imagine the day when i will be whole again...

I will be continuing at Hope in the fall, i have been given another chance at a new beginning. this summer i am learning how to let go, to move on even when my heart aches for what i have lost.

a few prayer requests:

Hannah: 6 years old, broke both her arm bones through and goes to a specialist on monday to see if surgery is necessary.

Brandan and Kuran: ages 4 and 2, daycare kids returning to their biological mother any day now. she had been clean for almost a year but the boys are very difficult (even for me!) and i am concerned.

Me: I have a dr. appointment next week and i as usual, as the day draws near, i am reminded of the possibility of never having a baby from my womb. Please also pray for strength through the changes that i see happening everyday, and to be a better sister

My Friend: too much to type out, but really needs prayer....

I miss you Holland Friends!